How to make your life look more productive.

You have nothing to do, sleep late at night and you wake-up late in the morning thinking, how long I have been sleeping? Yeah why should I wake-up early, while I have nothing to do? Thoughts like these hit your mind when it’s a cold month of December and all you want is to lay down under a blanket in front of a warm heater
Mumma is the breakfast ready ? Should I come and eat? Aghhh you have not ready the breakfast yet. No no am not saying each of us do that but am talking about minorities that are not on jobs, sitting at homes enjoying their leisure timings.

WEll I think maintenance of a good life is not only for the one’s that goes to schools, colleges, university, works etc but management of your time is a responsibility of even those people who are sitting at home enjoying while they are not on job and have a BS Hons degree in hands, are married or pregnant, are house wives etc. Time teaches us how to move on and on, to be productive in life.#ZS

Nowadays am totally a free person, I mean to say I am done with my semester studies right now and working on my thesis work. I have totally managed my timing for it wake-up early in the morning, have breakfast, clean house, and then sit front of the laptop working on my thesis. I am still not doing great but am trying my best to be better and better than I was.

Below I will teach you 5 tips from my experiences, you may not find it productive for yourself but a try won’t harm you maybe this bring little tiny change in your life.


Time management, is key to powerful living standard. When you work according to the time you have and you don’t waste it on doing other stuff most of the work is completed on the due date or day. They say, Do not cry over the spill milk , I guess it won’t be happening then.

Sleeping hours, manage your sleeping hours if you sleeping late night after 12:00 or 1:00. Ohh you need to change your timing, when it comes to health sleep is an utmost priority to a productive life.

Eat healthy, when you eat healthy in the morning, your mind remains fresh and your body remains active for the whole day and when you eat less at night , you sleep better. Eat such food in the morning that contains protein so remain active and such food at night that is less in protein or less spicy so you don’t become gastric and sleeps better and don’t have nightmares.

Breath fresh, in such an environment where the atmosphere is clean and fresh so you can be more positive in life towards many things ytou respond to.

Pray, pray, pray, it is an obligatory priority to a very productive life, this the best solution to any problem in life. Life gets easier and steps become clears when we pray.


Want to be truly happy, start your each day with these 7 tips.

Wakeup every morning hit the snooze button of cell phone aghhh you just distracting my mornings and then you just sleep one more hour. Now ask yourself am I a happy person? Am I doing justice to myself ? Should I sleep earlier from tomorrow ? Why my life is just so hard? Lots of questions like that will be jump in your brain.

Things to keep in mind.

Imagine you are working in a company you have to meet your boss in the morning but your mood is off and you don’t want to handle his talks. Now imagine once again, you are a school teacher, you rush to the class in hurry but you don’t want to take the class because the students will make noise. Now imagine one  more time, you are a university student, you woke up late in the morning as you just hit the snooze button you are late for the class or you reach late and now can not concentrate on the topic. 

Always remember you have the power and capability to change the situations that are going the wrong way. Work on yourself and try these tips.


Always pressurizing yourself over anything that has to come up on you will lead to distraction from your way. For example tomorrow is your test or paper but you are so much pressurized about it that you cannot even concentrate on your study. Try to live a serene and calm life which is indirectly a tranquilizer to a happy life.


Stop worrying about what has gone because there is always something good and new waiting for us to come our way as a blessing. You lost your love one God has planned someone else for you. You failed a test God has made a new day as blessing for you. Living in past only will destroy your present and future. 


Never be scared of being a volunteer and working alone without your friend. Don’t be scared of moving forward and taking steps alone . Tell yourself if I am not doing it alone today, tomorrow no one will be there to do it for me.


Remember don’t consider your achievements small if you see bigger things with others. You may be living a happier life than the one’s who have more to eat, drink and wear. 


Wasting your precious time on anything that isn’t important will leads to disappointment in future. Maintain your working and leisure timings by writing them in a journal or diary. By doing that you will remember what time have I wasted today, so that I won’t waste it tomorrow. 


Eat healthy food as it’s a fuel to brain cells. When you eat healthy, your stomach will be happy from you, you won’t get sick and immunity will become stronger.


Always learn to shut down your laptops and mobiles or keep them to aside, to give some quality time to your friends and family. They are the key to happiness.

I hope these tips will work for you all to live a happy healthy life. Share these tips with those who are living hard lives, are disappointed, or unhappy. 

Struggling to be an entrepreneur.

Setting up world of your thoughts isn’t always possible but setting your thoughts like an entrepreneur seems harder but is possible. I want to be an entrepreneur and work as I like, I have the capability to do tasks my way, to think my way, I have the courage to the face the world which is made up by the low aim people”.He said these all the words to his dad.  No son you can never such in such a thing where you only invest in starting, you will end up lossing. 

My brother is a courageous man. He once was an aggressive man with his anger he would control all of us but now we can see the changes he made in himself in order to a successful business man. He knows what he is doing, he is suffering hardships, he is moving forward with the belief that God is helping him.  No matter how many times people put you down, no matter how much your innerself losses strength, I got to carry on. He has that entrepreneurial soul living inside of him that scream like that everyday.

Life is full of surprises for him, when he was a child of age 6 granny would held a bottle of milk for him to drink and would left the school when he finished it. Being an intelligent student, educating from a very well standard school St.Mary Peshawar made him a strong boy. Further studies lead him to majors in electrical engineering which is a powerful tool for him. But he wants to be an entrepreneur now.

Struggling, struggling, struggling to be an entrepreneur, to be a successful man, ohhh it’s a long way for him, I like his one logic that “if it’s not happening today, it will happen tomorrow or even if that day isn’t tomorrow then this will happen one-day”. I don’t remember him giving up on something.

 Well if you want to get something in life, you got to move on for it and take steps. People will talk but when God is with you nothing can go wrong. His motivational story that I m writing to motivate myself and influence all those who will give it a READ does not end here the story will go on until and unless God want, he succeed and I will write on behalf of him.

How to let go of mistakes you are making everytime you face fears.

Every time you decide to do something and want to take a step forward for it but then just something clicks in your mind and you stop right there, saying to yourself, “no I won’t be able to do that”, “what people will be saying or they may laugh”, “what if I lose”, “no I do not have time right now”, “it would not be perfect or how to make it perfect”. Thoughts like these become obstacles in the way of taking step forward. 


FEAR itself says, Focus on mistakes, Everything is in your hands,Actions will prove that you believe in, Reality of facing anything.

When talking about fears mistakes come in this track, because we think today I failed in math paper, how am I going to pass this tomorrow. Today I did not go well in presentation, tomorrow I won’t be able to do well. Today my business did not go well, it can never be good in future. Today I lost someone, I will never get someone better. Ohh am scared of this animal, no get it away from me. Today my life is hard, it will be harder tomorrow. I can not speak in public places how am I going to do it. 

There are many misconceptions like these exists in our mind and they are actually the fears which become obstacle in your life. Some of our mistakes are that, I can not do better than this, if I start a business and it does not work tomorrow, if I ask this question my classmates will be laughing at me. I want to become a motivational speaker but what if the people in surrounding laugh.


#AWARE YOURSELVES of the thought that everyone go through something complicated in life and they surpass it by accepting the reality.

#PRAYing is a very powerful tool to overcome anything in life. Pray to God that He gives you strength to deal with anything in life.

#READing is a tool that can totally mold your personality, read articles, papers, blogs, books anything that are motivational that can totally alter you into something better, someone new.

#ACT rather than fearing because fears are actually the one that we have made already in our minds but when we act on something take a step forward then we realize it was something we never imagined.

#POSITIVITY is a bag full of surprises, when you start thinking positive you overcome all the negative thoughts that were already bothering you and were present in your mind, slowly and gradually your thoughts towards your fear becomes positive.

#CHANGE yourself, your thoughts your company,your environment, whatever those are which makes you weak and fearful leave those all places and choose yourself.

Mistakes that makes you feeble become your fears and fears become disappointed, disappointed become anxiety, anxiety made you think negative and on the contrary your whole body response negative to situations like these.

Try to take control of your desires.

For everyone life is all about struggling, to achieve anything you desire for. To get to the destination where you can be happy, for that you have to calm and relax yourself. The desires can be anything or can be of anything i.e. can be positive or negative. But let me know, you wishing for something but is not reachable? Below are some points that can help you cope with your desires.


Desires are actually anything that you crave for, your heart is stick on it and you desperately want to get to it via anyway. It can be for anything whether it’s a object like a watch or a car and you so much hoping for it to get it one way or another. It can be of a man/woman that you love and you wish for them to be in your life forever and always by your side. A desire can be for food too you much crave for a pizza and you haven’t are it for so long and right now you craving to eat it. 

But desires can be negative too, there is something which you want so much that you can do anything to get your hands on it. Even if its harm someone or someone’s life. For example negative desires can the opposite of positives like that watch, car, person you wanted it you achieve but suddenly someone stole it from you in order to get it. You so much desires for something that even you can choose the wrong way for it and then you don’t even want to realize how it can effect your life in a bad way.


When u desires for something, always think about accepting it do not struggle for it in a bad way. 

Busy yourself in praying and hoping that if you not get this thing today, tomorrow you will get better than this.

Give yourself soothing thoughts that everyone has it’s time to come and to achieve anything that is right.

Find an alternative environment where you can think positive, where you can accept the reality of life. Go find a serene area where you can breath in a fresh air.

Read something that can calm your mind and not to let you think negative.

Motivate yourself from listening to the people who are influencers who knows how to mold one’s life, who knows how to give you positive thoughts, who knows that there are better things waiting for you in life.